Portrait von Servaas van Beekum

As a social scientist, Servaas has a background in analytical, behavioral, humanistic and systemic approaches. After having run training groups in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands till 1998, he moved to Australia. He currently is a guest trainer in several training programs, one is with Kari Aschwanden in the WPI S/OE training in Morschach.

He trains supervisors, coaches and consultants, integrating the modalities of transactional analysis, gestalt, systems approach and group relations approach.

  • MA in sociology (Nijmegen / NL)
  • Postdoctorate diploma in Counseling (Utrecht / NL)
  • CTA and TSTA (education and counseling)
  • Accredited supervisor (BSO / EAS)
  • Group psychotherapist (IAGP)
  • Accredited trainer for coaches, consultants and supervisors (ASCCANZ)
  • Consultant (Tavistock)

  • ASCCANZ (Association for Supervision, Coaching and Consultancy ANZ)
  • BSO (Berufsverband für Supervision und Organisationsberatung
  • EAS (European Association for Supervision)
  • GRA - Group Relations Australia, an association to promote the study of unconscious behaviour in groups and other social systems
  • ITAA, EATA and WPATA (International TA Associations)
  • IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy)
  • ISPSO (International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations)

Servaas has worked as a teacher, counselor and manager in highschools, as a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, as a university lecturer, and as an international corporate trainer, coach and consultant. He has worked with clients in more than 30 countries.

He is co-founder of associations for counseling (Dutch association for school counselors), for supervision, (European Association for Supervision) and for supervision, coaching and consultancy in Australia (ASCCANZ). He is also co-founder of Group Relations Nederland, an association for the study of unconscious group process in organizations.

He co-founded commercial training institutes such as IAS (still existing in Maienfeld/CH) and IAS International (still existing in Haarlem/NL).

He is the past president of EATA (1992-1993) and of the ITAA (1994-1995). He is the past president (1996-2000) of the European Association for Supervision (EAS) and the current president of the Association for Supervision, Coaching and Consultancy in Australia and New Zealand (ASCCANZ). (www.asccanz.org)

He has been living in the Netherlands, working mainly in Europe till 1999, when he moved to Sydney. Right now he travels 3-4 times per annum to Europe for guest training, lecturing, supervision or OD-consultancy.


Australia based:
Co-Director of ASCENTURE pty/ltd, a consulting agency focusing on the alignment of CEO's and Staff of companies and organizations around the four main components of organizations: money, customers, procedures and people (www.ascenture.com.au)

Director of Van Beekum Consult pty/ltd, a private company for training, coaching and psychotherapy

One training program is a three year program with exit points for Coaching (1 year), Supervision (2 years) and OD Consultancy (3 years). It runs in Sydney.

President of ASCCANZ, strongly involved in the development and promotion of the professions of coaching, supervision and consultancy. (www.asccanz.org)

Europe based:
Guest trainer in S/OE training, based in Morschach (CH), co-operation with Kari Aschwanden at the WPI

Workshop "Persönliche Effektivität im Leben und in der Arbeit" jährlich im Januar in Davos (CH), seit 1984)

Supervision seminars 2x per annum in Aschaffenburg (D)

drs. Servaas van Beekum
3 Churchstreet
Waverley NSW 2024
Tel 0400/460429